Tuesday, 26 November 2013

install hp network printer in linux

If you know the network address of your printer it is very to install it through cups. If you don't have the network address try to ping it first or ask your network administrator.

Install hplib on your system, it should be included in the repository and it includes a very useful hp command line tool.

>> hp-makeuri yourip

This will give you a url like such:

Go to cups and add a printer. Choose any of the protocal types and give in the above url. Voila! It is as simple as that!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Installing OpenSuse 13.1 on Dell XPS13 Ultrabook

Following up on my original OpenSuse 12.3 installation on this fantastic laptop, I decided to perform a new install of the latest OpenSuse (13.1). As usual I kept my home partition and reformatted my /.

Everything works out of the box. Even (and finally) the multitouchpad. Full resolution even when my external screen is added. WiFi worked immediately. Also the screen brightness adjustment keys work (perhaps due to my fix that was still in place, see here).

Only pitfal so far: my webcam is not responding and cheese stays black. Will find a fix for that : ) I could use it in a google hangout yesterday though, don't know where this sudden lag comes from.

Follow fixes for the webcam here.