Saturday, 10 March 2012

MyBook Live for Linux/OpenSuse

I just spent a few hours reading up on the best way to connect my new 2T MyBook Live, NAS.

I first tried to mount the network hard disk manually, that when ok, except I couldn't get the permissions right.
I fiddled with fstab... couldn't get the permissions quite right... Installed smb4k... reading worked fine... no writing, even though the files are correctly chmodded...

So... then I fixed it in 1 minute...

Open Dolphin (file browser), click on network (in the places window). Add network folder -> Microsoft Windows Network Drive (even though the MyBook works with Lenny linux). Fill in the IP addres of your NAS (check this in your router table). And voila... done... omg... IT IS THAT EASY...


  1. I have recently setup openSUSE operation system thats why I have no idea how can I get the IP adress of my MyBook Live, NAS drive. And what should I put into Folder Field.
    Thank's for help

  2. Just a side note. For those who need a simple tool to profile a local network, look into Fing.

  3. That Fing app just saved my night! I am housesitting, brought my mybook and I couldn log into the router to determine my IP. I had been trying all night. Just installed Fing on my phone and bam... it worked. Great!