Friday, 16 March 2012

Consider the Kindle Touch as an ebook reader

Seriously considering getting one of these:

The low price makes it a perfect option to stop printing out my pdf books... A friend of mine showed me his and I was seriously impressed by the e-inkt. It has 2Gb of storage (no sd slot), of which 1.2Gb at least free for books. It has touch, so you can annotate. The page turning speed is not that fast, but it is the book-reading experience... I read some other reviews and although I was also doubting the Kobo touch (both seem to be quite slow, slower that the kindle 4 which on the downside lacks good pdfs support and touch). 

I guess these days you should just look at an ebook reader as a cheap device that you take everywhere. It's not a tablet, but great to stop printing out what you have to read... Passing by the store later on...

Update: ok, noticed this nice gadget is 25 euros cheaper in the UK. Luckily I'm visiting a friend in Southampton next week... will pick one up there... 

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