Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cool effects with Fujifilm X10 firmware 2.0 update

I just update the firmware of my Fuji X10 camera and discovered some awesome built in advanced effects!

If you go the the advanced menu (rotating button on the top Adv.), you get select the new filters. I just took some very quick snapshots (it's about midnight so the room was dark). To get an idea of the new filters.

Miniature - creates top and bottom blur for diorama effect:

Toy camera - creates shaded borders as taken by toycameras:

Dynamic tone - creates a fanatasy effect by dynamically-modulated tone reproduction:

Partial color:

Other effects include:

- POP color: empasises contrast and color saturation
- high-key: enhances brightness and reduces contrast for lightenig tone reproduction

Second new feature in the second version of Fuji X10's firmware is the Quick Menu, already available on the X-Pro-1. Press the raw button for a bunch of usefull shortcuts:

Get full instructions on how to upgrade your Fuji X10 camera's firmware here. It's really easy. Basically, you just download the .dat file and place in on a formatted SD card. Then you turn on the camera while you are holding the back-button.

Have fun!

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