Thursday, 30 May 2013

Restoring multiple deleted files from dropbox

When I arrived at work this morning my university folder was empty. Oeps...
Apparantly some syncronisation error happened when I copied my files to my new laptop, and reorganised them. When I turned on my old laptop at home it the evening, it deleted everything from Dropbox.

Luckily, Dropbox maintains a history of your files so you can recover them up until a month ago (longer if you are a Pro user).

You can log into and restore the files one by one. Unfortunately, this will take forever.

The solution. I found a script offered by Dropbox. One you install Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Chrome, you can just run this script: JSBox. It will give you the option to mass recover your files through the web interface!

This little script gives you some nice little options:

After installing the extension or logging in using the fake server, just browse your files as usual.
If you click this option, a new Modal box will open with a text box containing the contents of the file. Just make your modifications and click Save to submit the changes and automatically sync it with your all your computers.
You can click the link Open in new window to work in a new Window with the file.
 Restore groups of files
Another useful missing feature for Dropbox is to restore groups of files when you accidentally delete them.
When you click your events page after installing this extension (or on the fake server), you will see a special link next to the deleted events feeds:
 Just click this link and in a few seconds, all the files deleted on this event will be restored.


I just ctrl-A selected all the folders, right click, restore. That saved my day today!

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